"I've been able to really focus on what I was doing rather than worrying about things outside the present moment. Nothing about my situation has changed, but the stress I've been feeling isn't impacting me in the same way."
- Anonymous TAO Client

"The video conferences were particularly helpful because they helped me take the things I learned in TAO and apply them to my life"
- Anonymous TAO Client

"Before, anxiety controlled my life...Now my anxiety motivates me to make a change...I recognize the feeling and take care of it." - Anonymous TAO Client

"My head is quieter and I can actually focus. I never noticed how much noise there was and how much judgment I had. I am able to remind myself, this doesn't concern me right now. These approaches have helped me to accomplish things more efficiently. It's changed how I approach my life. I'm losing this pessimistic attitude and doing this has refreshed me." - Anonymous TAO Client

"I was 'freaking out' before a quiz and then made use of the breathing strategies. I felt much more relaxed and had stopped panicking. It was such a nice feeling that my thoughts weren't racing anymore." - Anonymous TAO Client

“I liked how easy and simple it was. Sure, it takes work to perform mindfulness well but just attempting it makes me feel so much better and calm and less worried. I liked that it was so straightforward." - Anonymous TAO Client